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Test Preparation

We, as global education consultants, offer students the best and top-notch test preparation classes that focus on the needs and requirements of the student’s career goal and admissions.  


RET, offers top-notch, personalized test preparation classes that are designed to cater to every student’s needs, career goals, and target admission requirements. With one-to-one consultations, we assess every student’s proficiency, their style of learning and design a personalized study plan.

What do we provide?

By evaluating every individual strengths and weaknesses, we recreate the realistic test environment to boost confidence.

Pre-Program Assessment

We evaluate every area of learning and identify specific areas of improvement.

Customized Learning

Create a plan for every student based on their goals, learning styles, and assessments.

Instruction from Experts

Our instructors are professionally experienced with proven success records.  


How can we empower you to achieve test success?

  • We evaluate every student’s current proficiency and provide one-to-one consultations with flexible options.
  • With experienced instructors, we have a proven track record of success.
  • Through personalized feedback, we regularly monitor progress and analyze them to make sure that you stay on track.
  • We align your test preparation with your career goals to ensure that the scores meet your requirements.
  • With mock tests and simulations, we create realistic test settings to boost confidence and reduce test anxiety.


With time management strategies, learn how effectively you can manage your time during the test and optimize your answers for your career goals. With standardized tests, you can handle all the tests and develop coping strategies to handle test anxiety and perform well when you are under pressure. 


Let us guide you with comprehensive test preparation for your desired test score and unlock your dream career abroad.