Free Consultation

Information And Guidance

Our experienced advisors assess your academics, interests, and goals, and guide you to the best possible opportunity that matches your profile and maximizes your chance of acceptance.   

We go beyond simple assessments and detailed profile evaluations that empower every student to achieve their dream career in another country. RET, as an Overseas Education Consultant,  understands the need to understand every student’s profile to unlock the full potential of the aspiring student for studying abroad.  

What do we provide?

With a holistic approach and strategic matching, we uncover the “why” behind your study abroad aspirations. 

Academic Analysis 

We identify strengths and weaknesses along with the areas for improvement.

Strategic Matching 

With best fitting options, we explore and identify universities and programs.

Application Optimization 

We review and personalize the whole interview process for successful results.

How we dive into your potential:

  • We always look beyond grades and value unique talents, and leadership skills and highlight them in your application for better results. 
  • Our experts provide valuable insights into your potential academic challenges and suggest strategies to overcome the obstacles. 
  •  We work with every student to maximize your chances of acceptance for your career opportunities. 
  • We highlight your extracurricular activities and volunteer experiences to understand your passion. 
  • We meticulously analyze your profile and identify the aspiring student’s area of excellence and potential for career growth.  


Express your unique story through our support crafting a compelling profile for successful results. We provide actionable steps to address your weaknesses for the desired career. RET, a leading global education consultant, considers different factors like location, program focus, and financial aid while evaluating your profile. 


We bridge the gap and connect your chosen program to future career goals and expectations. We focus on enhancing clarity and persuasiveness and building confidence for your desired study programs.