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The United Kingdom (UK) is an epicenter for educational excellence with some of the oldest universities and schools courting lower back to the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Boasting an abundance of academic history, the UK boasts a wealthy educational legacy that serves for example many other international locations around the globe.


International students – particularly Indian ones – seek quality and rigorous education, making the UK an appealing destination. A study abroad consultants guides you for high quality education in out of your country, its programs span across various fields. Universities like the University of Manchester, the University of Warwick, the University of Leeds, the University of Edinburgh, Durham University, and the University of Bath are synonymous with prestige and innovation and provide top-notch opportunities. Since 2012, the government in the UK has reduced scholar stayback intervals to 4 months; however, university students graduating in 2021 from UK universities can also now qualify for a two-12 months stackback period.


Study in UK for Indian students calls for a tier 4 well-known student visa with positive different visa requirements to have a look at in the UK. Hence, it isn’t always a wonder that more than 5,00,000 international college students choose to examine within the UK each year. Do you also want to check if you are eligible to get into your dream university in the UK? Royal Edu Tech India Pvt Ltd offers you the service of getting admission to the top-ranked college in the UK.  

Popular Universities to Study in UK

Popular Universities to Study in UK


Why Choose to Study in UK for Indian Students?

Studying in the UK will immerse you in centuries of high-quality academia. Out of the top ten global universities, four are in the UK. The universities in the UK offer you to learn more about different walks of life in a place of contrasts and cultures.  


Not just an academic destination, the UK boasts a unique blend of urban centers and countryside villages that boast rich cultures and histories. Alongside academic pursuits, international students will also find plenty of cultural events, cuisines and festivals available throughout their stay here. Here are some reasons why to study in UK for Indian students:

  • World-class Education The universities within the UK boast prestigious popularity around the globe and always rank a few of the pinnacle universities at the global level.
  • Diverse Program The universities offer a wide range of courses, regardless of your age or interests. They also offer dual honours degrees combining different subjects as per your choice.
  • Short Course Options As an international student, you can also explore two-year degrees as an option for educational qualification instead of three years of graduation.
  • Vibrant Culture From high-figh cities to charming villages, the UK offers a unique blend of diverse cultures of history and modernity to keep you engaged outside of your academic life.
  • Part-time Work If you are an international or Indian student and enrolled in full-time degree programmes, you can work part-time while studying and earn extra living expenses.
  • English Fluency Since the UK is home to English language and literature, students studying here can hone their English language capabilities while expanding their abilities for global markets.
  • Employment Opportunities University graduates studying in the UK may qualify for a two-year stayback visa to explore employment options back home.
Top Places

Top Places to Study In UK

Best Data Science and Analytics Colleges in the UK

Let’s propel your career forward in the field of data science and analytics at a prestigious UK university. At Royal Edu Tech India Pvt Ltd, we offer every student access to exceptional education and unparalleled opportunities to excel in data science. 


With cutting-edge infrastructure, the UK is at the forefront of data-driven education. The universities in the UK train students to apply high-level statistical learning techniques. They also offer students to gain a sound knowledge of the underlying standard application of statistics and probability principles, along with practical skills that can be applied in data science.  

The UK has constantly been the pioneer of top-notch education, which offers in-depth theoretical information as well as realistic exposure.

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Best Medical Colleges in the UK

Learn about medicine from top universities in the UK. At Royal Edu Tech India, we help to study in UK for Indian students and get rewarding healthcare careers, along with a rich legacy of academic excellence and top-notch research. 


The best medical colleges in the UK give opportunities to aspiring students to learn using the latest facilities and equipment. From a supportive learning environment to critical thinking and problem-solving skills, the university offers a lot more skills to excel in the career of medicine. They also empower aspiring students with complex and ethical considerations in the medical field.


And what the fun fact is, according to Scimago Journal and Country Rank, the UK comes second in the world for medical research.

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Best Law Colleges in the UK

Law education in the UK is one of the best in the world. There are many high-standard law degrees taught in the best universities. You can even get work experience from many UK law degree universities. 


Undergraduate degrees typically take four years to complete in the UK, with additional one-year postgraduate options also available. We facilitate study in UK for Indian students to help develop critical thinking, analyse problems effectively and build up research and writing abilities. Not only this, you can explore different fields like journalism, politics, teaching, human resources, criminology, etc. 


Pursuing law at one of the premier colleges in the UK will bring many unexpected advantages, such as becoming part of globally acclaimed colleges and universities as an alumni.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, Indian students can study in the UK. Study in UK for Indian students offers various opportunities with various options of programs to study.

The answer varies based on each application, as some universities in the UK provide alternatives to IELTS scores if students cannot fulfil requirements for specific courses. The most common alternative is to get enrolled in a language course before the actual course begins.

International students studying in the UK for over six months can apply for a student visa that allows them to work part-time and earn.