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Pre Departure Programme

We provide readily accessible communication channels to the students in order to ensure their safety and help them to seamlessly achieve their goals by offering comprehensive guidance in every aspect. We understand the importance of pre-departure preparation and how stressful it is. With our comprehensive pre-departure program we ensure student’s safety, well-being, and success from the beginning. 

What do we provide?

Unmatched Communication
You can reach us anytime through various channels of communication with any query related to your career goals. 

Expert Guidance
With tailored resources and professional guidance from our experts, dive into pre-departure workshops for better understanding. 

Community Building
We foster a supportive network as per individual needs and concerns for their future career development. 

How we help you to thrive from the start till the pre-departure programme?

  • Our dedicated team stays connected with you 24*7 for instant assistance via personalized channels. 
  • Secure a budget-friendly travel to abroad and enjoy seamless bookings and managements. 
  • We help students understand currency exchange, other banking options, and the management of finance abroad. 
  • Our pre-departure workshops unleash the new academic environment with effective study strategies in your destination country. 
  • With our communication tips, build your confidence in different cultures and language skills.   

Royal Edu Tech India Pvt Ltd also offers health and safety tips to students but also provides expert-led sessions for a better understanding of the environment. Feel prepared and empowered for your new journey abroad. With our pre-departure session, gain valuable knowledge and cover all the vital topics like accommodation and finances. Get enrolled in our pre-departure workshops and commence the new journey for your career with confidence.